3173 Media Helps Me and Can Help You Too

3173 Media Helps Me and Can Help You Too

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Why I Am With 3173 Media | 3173media.com

I have had problems collecting money from major music streaming websites for the past few years. iTunes has never showed me the names of the people who downloaded my music, Souldcloud lets people download my songs and I don’t know why they are. What are they doing with that important data? How can I thank my fans for supporting Unc. Imo?

For the past 3 months WB Suhail at 3173media.com has helped me with understanding who downloads my music, and key information that helps me feel like the CEO I am of my business. When someone downloads my music, I instantly know about it I can personally thank them. If I want to know if the 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55 and up crowds is feeling me, I get that information. My website even translates in many different languages so my overseas and domestic fans can read my site comfortably. Without 3173 Media I would not know I have fans in Russia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Argentina, India, and Spain. I also know I have more fans in California than I do in any other state in the US.

What Can 3173 Media Do For You

Everyone has their special talents and I want to make music, spread love, and do right by the Father. I am thankful I have somebody in 3173 Media who makes sure my online business is working 24/7 365. When I sell music, the money comes right to me. When my fans leave me a message, it comes right to me. When I sell music on iTunes, I might not get it. I have not received money from iTunes and don’t expect to get it anytime soon.

This website is for my fans and I want to be able to connect with them and visa versa. If Facebook, Instagram, and Google shuts down tomorrow, uncimo.com will be here to give you the media and information you want to see. If you are an artist, contact 3173 Media and let them help you be the business person you want to be.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Unc. Imo’s Answer To Big Joint Friday

Spread love to everyone and help those in need. The world will be a better place if we stop and help others and spread good will.


  1. They | Album Version Unc. Imo 3:09
  2. BadKnee (Dirty Version) Unc. Imo 4:03
  3. Deep In The Game Unc. Imo 4:19
  4. Bestfriend Unc. Imo ft DeCarlo, Ciroc Shorty, BizzyB & Prov 3:50
  5. Bust It Up Unc. Imo ft. Suave Bob 3:24
  6. Do Dat Dance Unc. Imo 3:48
  7. Juke Joint Unc. Imo 3:42